mile per gallon

mile per gallon
(mi/gal or mpg)
   1. the unit customarily used in the United States to measure the fuel efficiency of motor vehicles. 1 mile per U.S. gallon1 equals about 0.4252 kilometers per liter. In most other countries, however, the usual measure of fuel consumption is liters per 100 kilometers; x miles per U.S. gallon is equal to 235.215/x liters per 100 kilometers.
   2. the unit formerly used in Britain, Canada, Australia, and other British Commonwealth nations to measure the fuel efficiency of motor vehicles, analogous to the U.S. unit but based on the Imperial gallon3. Although still used sometimes, this unit has been replaced officially by liters per 100 kilometers; x miles per Imperial gallon is equal to 282.481/x liters per 100 kilometers. One mile per Imperial gallon is equal to about 0.8327 mile per U.S. gallon.

Dictionary of units of measurement. 2015.

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