Vickers hardness number

Vickers hardness number
(HV or VHN) or Vickers pyramid number (VPN)
   a measure of the hardness of a metal introduced by Vickers in 1922. In the Vickers test (suitable for surface-hardened metals), a pyramidal diamond is pressed into the material being tested. The Vickers hardness is the amount of force applied to the diamond divided by the area of the indentation the diamond makes in the material; in practice the diagonal of the pyramidal indentation is measured and the result, computed in kilograms of force per square millimeter, is read from a table. (The reading should be stated as an empirical measurement, without units.) Up to about HV 500, the Vickers hardness is about 1.04 times the Brinell hardness.

Dictionary of units of measurement. 2015.

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