color temperature

color temperature
   a measure of the overall "color" of a light source. The measurement is obtained by comparing the spectrum, or mix of colors (wavelengths of light), produced by the light source to the spectrum of a "black body," a theoretical object that absorbs all radiation falling on it. (A black body is also a perfectly efficient radiator of energy, its spectrum depending only on its temperature.). The measurement is expressed in kelvins (K). Lower temperatures indicate more red and yellow light, higher temperatures more blue. Incandescent light bulbs are "cool" with a color temperature of about 2800 K, while daylight at noon is much "hotter" (bluer) at about 6000 K. Fluorescent lighting can be produced with a broad range of color temperatures including everything between these two values. "CCT" stands for "correlated color temperature."

Dictionary of units of measurement. 2015.

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